Get Your Beach Gear Ready for Summer 2017: Here are some 8 Must Haves

Beauty Must Haves

1. For your Skin and Lips – Coconut Oil

Is your skin starting to feel dry and is starting to peel? The best multipurpose treatment for almost anything is coconut oil. The best part about coconut oil is it is usually in a solid state until it hits about 28 degrees or so only then does it liquidify, so it’s quite easy to travel around with it.

It is also great for use for various conditions; rub it at the ends of your hair for dry split ends, use it as a lip balm or after spending a day by the beach, throw some brown sugar with some coconut oil and make a wonderful and refreshing body scrub. It feels great on your skin – especially helping to remove that salty residue off your skin..

2. Make Up – BB Cream

You don’t want streaky make up in summer so step outdoors with just a layer of BB Cream. Find a brand that has a colour closest to your skin. It moistures your skin plus gives it a tinge of glow without the think paste of makeup. Make sure your BB Cream provides sufficient sunscreen protection as the last thing you need is to add another layer of oily sunscreen.

3. Waterproof Mascara and eyeliner

You don’t want to look like you’ve just woken up from sleep so keep your eye makeup close at bay. Upgrade your mascara to a waterproof one to add in the makeup bag of yours. Beach, sun and sand and you need that mascara and eyeliner to complete the look.

Beach Must Haves

4. Swimwear – Crochet Bikinis

Summer is never summer without a bikini. You can’t be seen using last year’s fashion. So, what’s the take on this year’s summer fashion on bikinis

This year, crochet is in. It’s not the way your grandmother used to sew it. Victoria’s Secret’s models this year have been parading skimpy pieces of crochet bikinis in this year’s collection, with model even showing her baby bump off with a skimpy piece.

It’s gorgeous and it’s beautiful

5. Hammocks – from Yellow Leaf Hammocks

The Yellow Leaf hammocks are made by small tribal communities of Thailand who have been trained to do these jobs helping them out of poverty. Their designs are cool and this will be ideal to take to the beach to relax or if you hitting the islands, it’ll fit in your bag comfortably and you’ll have the best holiday relaxing on a hammock between palm trees.

6. The Bungalow Bay Co. Beach Chair

This was an extremely cool chair I found. It’s a combination of a hammock, a towel and a chair ( Easy to set up, with one pull, is fits into a bag. The towel is made out of 100% cotton, the chair is lightweight and collapsible and has a lightweight support and the shade had Cabana quality sun protection. For more beach chairs visit SavantMAG’s list.

If you are afraid of hammocks, this should be your next option. Check out their website and have a look. It is a cool product.

Fashionista Must Haves

7. Wear a Hat

Melbourne Cup is not the only time you can adorn the hat. Fashionistas adorn that straw fedora as the heat rises to stay cool. With some attitude and style, you’ll pull this off as a as a summer accessory.

8. Frame Your Eyes

Treat yourself to a pair of dark glasses. Not only will they protect your eyes, they make a huge fashion statement. Some glasses never go out of fashion and will suit all face types. Remember though to keep your style up by wearing those sunnies on your head every now and then to bring out that style in you.

We’ve now identified this year’s 8 important must have in several categories and there are so many more products I can list. But let’s stay with this list for the moment.

The UV is extremely high at this time of the year so please ensure that you take care with sun protection as our rating is one of the highest in the world. Umbrellas are a good addition to take with you in summer, umbrellas can be used to make a fashion statement too. Summer is a great time of the year for the sun, sea and sand, but always ensure that you take as much protection as you can to prevent sun damage.

We also very much recommend getting yourself good beach tent, try to avoid laying in the sun for too much.