Know the Different Types of Coffee

If you have been to a coffee bar, there are high chances that you have been confronted with the difficulty in choosing the best coffee for you. That is because there are many different types of coffee available.

What is most important is to note that the different types of coffee drinks are similar in many ways as they are based on the espresso. That is, made when boiling water that is under pressure for about 25 to 30 seconds is forced through fine blends of coffee beans.

In terms of the difference between the different types of coffee, it depends on the proportions of the espresso, steamed milk, and foam that each
drink employs. Subsequently, to help you not to get confused next time at your
local café, here is a guide to the
different types of coffee.

I. Cappuccino

This type of coffee is loved these days because of its creamy texture and taste.It may confuse you with latte but Cappuccino often has more milk or cream and chocolate.

In addition, every now and then cappuccino is masked with an exquisite dusting of cocoa, cinnamon or pumpkin spice

This drink is heavily recommended for those who are not lovers of strong coffee flavors.

In case you are wondering how Cappuccino is made, you can use a third cup of espresso, and the same amount of steamed milk and milk foam.

II. Latte

This espresso based drink compared to Cappuccino has more milk. Because of more milk, the taste of the drink tends to be on the milder side.

The ratio of espresso to milk can be 1:3 or 1:4 or any other ratio depending on your preference. And of course that is accompanied by a thin layer of foam.

Also,to get more different tastes,the use of various flavors such as vanilla and hazelnut can be added to the Latte.

III. Macchiato

Macchiato isof two types which are short macchiato and long macchiato with the last being stronger in taste.

The name Macchiato in Italian means “stained”. As the name suggests, it is understandable that the drink is essentially just an espresso accompanied with asmall quantity of milk, ordinarily a drop. Meaning, that it is an espresso stained or discolored by the steamed milk and foam.It is served as a layered coffee.The two added ingredients to the espresso serve to lessen the bitter taste.

IV. Mocha

This type of coffee is also known as Café Mocha or a Mocaccino. The drink is a slighter variation of a Latte, sweeter and with asupplement of chocolate syrup or powder.

This coffee drink is for those people who find chocolate irresistible.

Also unlike Latte,Mocha every so often has whipped cream.

V. The Flat White

This type of coffee drink is most popular in New Zealand and Australia.

A number of coffee shop attendees have a tendency to confuse the Flat White coffee drink with Latte. Compared to Latte, it is usually served in a smaller cup, which may be the reason why some people think it is a smaller version of alatte.

While I admit that the same basic ingredients are used to prepare both the flat white and Latte, the main difference emanates from milk handling. Flat whites have a smooth, soft appearance and taste of the milk micro-foam resulting from the steamed milk.

In conclusion, apart from the different types of coffee discussed above, it is important to appreciate the fact that the list is not that exhaustive. For example,there is Frappe and other coffee types from other parts of the world including Turkish coffee and Kopi Luwak among many others.

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